Optimized BEGO Fornax® ceramic crucible FC for best casting results

With the new BEGO ceramic crucibles for Fornax® made out of a high temperature resistant special ceramic BEGO sets the highest standards. The crucibles are now available for order with the new item number 52483. As in the past, six crucibles per package are delivered.

The crucibles are made out of a new, high temperature resistant special ceramic. This ceramic offers many advantages compared to conventional crucible ceramics.

The high resistance to thermal fluctuation up to 1.500 °C guarantees a long service life. The optimized crucible geometry with exceptionally smooth, seamless inner surface and reinforced round bottom facilitates an improved flow property of the molten alloys. Additionally, the extremely homogeneous structure of the ceramic contributes to reproducible casting accuracy in the laboratory.

The back of the crucible is now marked with the current BEGO logo. The fit remains ensured for all Fornax® T and G casting devices. The reference number of ceramic crucibles for Fornax® changed to 52483 to allow for an unambiguous traceability of form and production-related changes within the BEGO quality management. The new crucibles are secured by additional foam material inserts to provide better transport protection.

The optimized BEGO ceramic crucible for Fornax® casting devices (REF 52483) ensures best casting results.