Telescopic double crowns

Written for ambitious dental technicians with a love for detail, the textbook for telescopic double crowns provides comprehensive, practical and very detailed information for the diverse construction options regarding double crowns and the manufacturing of the major connector out of a cobalt-chromium alloy.

This book contains:

  • Manual for dental laboratories and dental practices geared to prosthodontics
  • Ideal for preparing the Master Dental Technician Exam
  • Practice-oriented guide and reference book
  • Partial denture restoration with telescope constructions and clasp-anchored tooth replacement
  • Systematic planning and designing
  • Efficient dental production
  • Various stages of restoration with partial denture techniques
  • Clear step-by-step presentation of important procedures
  • Historical retrospect
  • Troubleshooting and error prevention
  • Many practical tips for users

Title: Telescopic double crowns – Individual Solutions • Practical and Economical

Author: BEGO TRAINING CENTER and academia dental team

Content: 100 pages, more than 270 illustrations

Languages: DE, EN, RU – DE already out of print

Publication : January 2009

Price: € 7,90

ISBN: 978-3-9809111-8-4