Precision Milling and Partial Denture Constructions

This book is written for ambitious dental technicians with a love for detail and provides detailed, practical and comprehensive information about the various design possibilities for removable partial dentures.

This book contains:

  • Manual for dental laboratories and dental practices geared to prosthodontics
  • Ideal for those technician which are studying to be a master dental technician
  • Practice-oriented guide and reference book
  • Partial dentures including telescopic and clasp retained constructions
  • Systematic planning and designing
  • Rational manufacturing of partial dentures at different levels
  • Demonstrative “Step-by-Step” description of fundamental stages
  • Historical retrospect
  • Technologistic and scientific attachment
  • Many practical tips
  • Processing mistakes and their consequences

Title: Precision Milling and Partial Denture Constructions – Modern Design and Efficient Production

Author: Henning Wulfes

Content: 280 pages, more than 1.000 illustrations

Languages: DE, EN, RU – DE already out of print

Publication date: February 2012

Price: € 14,90

ISBN: 978-3-9809111-1-5

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