Patient-focused Dentistry

This guideline, which is aimed at practicing dentists, staff members in leading positions and practice founders, describes the modern, patient-oriented service practice. It conveys ideas and tips on how to optimise practice processes.

This book contains:

  • Ideas about strategic positioning and structural practice build-up
  • Prevention-oriented concepts and valuable impulses for change
  • Creative suggestions on marketing strategies
  • Practical work aids for organisation and time management
  • Vital information on patient consultation
  • Helpful tips on friction-free staff leadership
  • New ways to increase motivation and commitment
  • Sample texts for individual patient information
  • Supplementary checklists and overviews

Success is not based on dental therapies alone. A suitable marketing strategy, a structured approach as well as an economic perspective all help in holding one’s ground in a difficult trade environment and to strengthen the practice’s position long term. Only those who detect developments in time, accept changes and continuously expand their competence will be successful.

Title: Patient-focused Dentistry – Practice Marketing and Management

Author: Henning Wulfes

Content: 320 pages, more than 600 illustrations

Languages: DE, EN, ES, RU

Publication date: January 2015

Special price: € 19,90

ISBN: 978-3-9809111-4-6