VarseoSmile Temp

The tooth-colored resin for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays, and veneers

Advantages for the laboratory

  • Specially for the resin developed printing and processing parameters ensure an accurate fit and smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time
  • Easy finishing due to smooth surfaces of the printed objects
  • Objects already printed can be supplemented and repaired outside the patient‘s mouth with VarseoSmile Temp while maintaining stability – or will simply be reprinted due to low material costs
  • Extremely short fabrication times and low material consumption equate to cost-efficient production in the laboratory
  • Three shades according to the proven VITA* classical shades: A2, A3, C2
  • VarseoSmile Temp: FDA 510(k) cleared and meets all the requirements for a Class II medical device**

Advantages for the patient

  • The finished restoration can be attached using conventional temporary cements
  • Certified biocompatibility
Product details
Color A2, A3, C2
Density approx 1.4 – 1.5 g/cm³
Viscosity 2,500 – 6,000 mPa∙s
Flexural strength ≥ 100 MPa
Layer thickness 50 μm
Wavelength 405 nm
Availability Contents* REF
VarseoSmile Temp A2 250 g bottle 41102
VarseoSmile Temp A3 250 g bottle 41103
VarseoSmile Temp C2 250 g bottle 41104

* 0,25 kg bottles are exclusivly available for Varseo XS.

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* This symbol is a commercial designation/registered trademark of a company which is not part of the BEGO company group.

** Medical device as defined by section 201(h) of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act

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VarseoSmile Temp is distributed by Formlabs as: Temporary CB