Varseo XS

The compact DLP 3D printer specially developed for dental uses

  • High-resolution DLP 3D printer with outstanding detail at an attractive price
  • Building speed independent of the number of elements to be produced
  • Handy building platform – printing of up to 20 crowns or two largespan bridges with up to seven units
  • Network capability via W-LAN or Ethernet connection allows fast and uncomplicated data exchange to the PC
  • Compatible with the following materials:
    • VarseoSmile Crown plus
    • VarseoSmile Temp
    • VarseoSmile Teeth
    • VarseoWax CAD/Cast
    • VarseoWax Model
  • Replaceable resin tank allows easy material change
  • Right-sized and appealing design

Varseo XS: Unboxing

Varseo XS: Connecting

Varseo XS: Print & Post-Processing

Technical specifications
Product dimensions (L × W × H) 290 × 357 × 427 mm
Weight 11 kg
Nominal voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated capacity 100 VA
Build area (W × D × H) 64 × 40 × 120 mm
Resolution (X, Y, Z) 50 µm
Building speed approx. 30 mm/h
Scope of delivery
Availability REF
Varseo XS (incl. scope of delivery) 26490
Scope of delivery  
Activation of one material key of your choice
  • Activation Varseo XS material key VarseoSmile Crown plus
  • Activation Varseo XS material key VarseoSmile Temp
  • Activation Varseo XS material key VarseoWax CAD/Cast
  • Activation Varseo XS material key VarseoWax Model

Original Varseo XS operating instruction (on the USB stick provided) 86109
Quick Guide 80286
Scraper 19550
Building Platform 20702
Resin Tank 20703
BEGO CAMcreator Print 99118
Power Cord
Power Adapter
USB stick with data
Rinse Basket
  • Activation of one material key of your choice (REF – see scope of delivery)
  • Professional hotline support
  • Activation of another material key (REF – see scope of delivery)
  • Device installation, commissioning, and familiarization in your laboratory (REF 99119)

3D printing materials

VarseoSmile Crownplus

VarseoSmile Temp

VarseoWax Tray

VarseoSmile Teeth

VarseoWax Surgical Guide

VarseoWax Model

VarseoWax CAD/Cast

VarseoVest P plus

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