Wirobond® 280

Safe and bio biocombatible

Non-precious premium metal-ceramic alloy
– nickel-free and beryllium-free –

  • Wirobond® 280 defines a standard in non-precious metal-ceramic alloys, as its Vickers hardness of 280 HV10 makes it exceptionally easy to work out.
  • Extremely corrosion resistant due to optimal interaction of the essential elements chrome and molybdenum
  • Excellent melting and casting properties
  • No slow cooling required*, even with longspan restorations
  • Reliable metal-ceramic bonding
  • High strength with all spans, ensuring a wider range of applications
  • Reliable fabrication based on the proven BEGO system
  • Biocompatibility tested and certified

* Exception: Creation (Willi Geller), Reflex® (Fa. Wieland Dental + Technik GmbH & Co. KG)

Ideal processing properties – Wirobond® 280 – The name says it all
  • The special composition produces a practical, low Vickers hardness of 280 (HV10) for this type of material and ensures excellent machinability, making it very easy for dental technicians to process and work out Wirobond® 280 frameworks
  • It has excellent melting properties, the casting point is easily detectable and it flows highly fluid without leaving residues in the crucible, which extends the service life of the crucible and reduces operating costs
  • Wirobond® 280 can usually be cooled normally after firing, even with long-span restorations, due to its optimized coefficient of thermal expansion
  • The bond strength has been tested with a large number of commercially available ceramics
Wirobond® 280 under close scrutiny
  • The high corrosion resistance of Wirobond® 280 is attained by the interaction of chrome, tungsten and the essential element molybdenum
  • The alloy forms a dense, adhesive passive layer, which ensures its biocompatibility.
Wirobond® 280 – first choice for dental technicians, dentists and patients
  • Wirobond® 280 is a reliable and costeffective option that allows patients to obtain a high-quality dental restoration
  • Wirobond® 280 is the alloy of choice for patients as, due to its minimal thermal conductivity (sensitivity to heat/cold), it provides for a high degree of oral comfort
  • The patient can choose between different types of supply:
    • regardless of whether a standard fixed restauration,
    • combination work or implant-supported restoration
Alloy characteristics   standard values
Alloy type (ISO 22674)   5
Density [g/cm3]   8,6
Coefficient of thermal [10-6 K-1] (25–500 °C)
(20–600 °C)
Preheating temperature [°C]   900 –1000
Casting temperature [°C]   ca. 1500
Solidus, liquidus temperature [°C]   1355–1430
Young’s modulus [GPa]   215
Proof strength (Rp0.2) [MPa]   515
Ultimate strength (Rm) [ MPa]   680
Elongation after fracture (A5) [%]   14
Vickers hardness (HV10) after firing   280
ISO 22674 · ISO 9693-1    
Coefficient of thermal expansion  
25–500 °C, 10-6 K-1 14.3
20–600 °C, 10-6 K-1 14.5
Composition in % by weight
Co 60.2 · Cr 25.0 · W 6.2 · Mo 4.8 · Ga 2.9 · Si, Mn each < 1.0
Availability Unit Content REF
Wirobond® 280 1 Pack 1000 g 50134
Wirobond® 280 1 Pack 250 g 50135
Wiroweld CoCr laser wire, containing no carbon
Ø 0,5 mm 1 Pack 1,5 m 50005
Ø 0,35 mm 1 Pack 2m 50003
Wirobond® soldering rods before firing 1 Pack 4g 52622

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