Standard investment material for the partial denture technique

Conventionally heatable precision casting investment materials for partial dentures

  • Tried-and-tested partial denture investment material with simple processing
  • Remarkably good results with the gel duplication technique
  • Very smooth model surfaces in duplication with silicone, thus also suitable for combination work
  • Excellent fit, high edge strength for precise casting results
  • Complication-free processing under all laboratory conditions ensures high reproducibility in daily laboratory activities
  • Particularly cost-effective thanks to the use of water for pouring the cylinder
  • Very clean casting thanks to the minimal reaction between the investment material and the alloy
  • Wirovest® plus further development of the tried-and-tested basis Wirovest® amazes with its extended working time for all indications
Conventionally heatable precision casting investment materials

Wirovest® has been known as the classic BEGO partial denture investment material for over 30 years and ensures smooth casting surfaces and precisely fitting partial denture constructions around the world.
Wirovest® impresses with its high reproducibility under all laboratory conditions.

The advantages for you:

  • Developed for partial dentures
  • Can be processed in the gel duplication technique or in duplication with silicone
Remarkably good results with the gel duplication technique

The comparatively rapid setting of Wirovest® results in pronouncedly smooth model surfaces in the cost-effective gel duplication technique. The models are extremely precise, boast a high edge strength and form the basis for correspondingly precise casting results.

Duplicated in silicone, even the smallest details can be reproduced with a high edge strength and as such provide the prerequisites for the demanding combination technique.

The advantages for you:

  • Ideally coordinated setting time
  • High edge strength for the reproduction of minute details
Particularly cost-effective mixing thanks to the use of water

Wirovest® and Wirovest® plus can be mixed with just water for pouring the cylinder for the wax-up. The lack of need for a mixing liquid underlines the costefciency of the Wirovest® range and results in excellent de asking properties.

In model making, the mixing liquid (BegoSol®) is used for expansion control. BegoSol® is mixed to the required mixing ratio using distilled water.

The advantages for you:

  • Cost savings as no mixing liquid required 
  • Excellent de asking properties
Wiriest® plus – the consequent further development of the tried-and-tested basis Wiriest®

The extended working time of Wirovest® plus facilitates the creation of several models or moulds in one procedure.

Beyond use within the standard partial denture technique, Wirovest® plus is also recommended for the conventional casting of plotted CAD/CAM frames.

The advantages for you:

  • Extended working time
  • Largest possible range of indications

Tips for application:

  • The higher the concentration of BegoSol®, the higher the expansion of the investment material: lowering the concentration thus reduces the expansion
  • Note: Processing under constant, comparable processing parameters makes it easy to reproduce casting results
Physical data  
Mixing liquid BegoSol® (Anti-freeze optimization up to –10 °C)
Processing time at 20 °C approx. 3 minutes
Shelf life in unopened bag 24 months
Characteristic values of the material according to DIN EN ISO 15912
Beginning of solidification (Vicat time) 5 minutes
Compressive strength [MPa] 15 MPa
Linear thermal expansion [%] 1.15 %
Availability Presentation Contents Qty REF
Wirovest®, 45 pieces 400 g bags 18 kg carton 1 51046
The packages do not contain any mixing liquid.
Accessories Presentation Contents Qty REF
BegoSol® mixing liquid 1 litre bottle 1 51090
BegoSol® mixing liquid 5 litres bottle 1 51091

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