WiroGel M

The universal and reversible duplicating material on an agar-agar base for investment material, plaster and acrylic casting technique

  • Areas of application: all phosphate-bonded investment materials, all good type 4 plasters and diverse possible applications in connection with the acrylic casting technique
  • Very high reproduction accuracy; smooth model surfaces produce work results that meet the highest demands also in terms of precision
  • Thermo-stability of at least 30 days and 15 melting cycles, very good cost-benefit ratio
  • Price for duplication with Wirogel M is over five times less expensive than with silicone; the costs for the duplicating unit are already taken into account
  • Colour geared to contrast optimization for optimal process reliability
WiroGel M – The agar-agar duplicating material with even more applications

To date, duplication with silicone has frequently been preferred despite the higher price and unfavourable environmental properties because processing and the duplication results were more convincing than with standard agar-agar materials.

WiroGel M sets new standards in dental duplication: through the use of highly pure natural agar-agar material and the addition of special ingredients WiroGel M achieves a new dimension in impression technology with natural duplicating material. Universel duplicating usable with a wide range of indications for:

  • phosphate-bonded investment material
  • all class four gypsum of good quality such as BegoStone plus 
  • Full denture acrylic pouring technique

The work results are comparable to those of silicone duplication. WiroGel M attains a very high reproduction accuracy with very smooth model surfaces.

At the same time WiroGel M can be melted at least 15 times without any deterioration in its outstanding properties. It is also excellent in terms of thermo-stability: a  lling of WiroGel M, in the Gelovit 200 with very precise temperature, for example, can be kept ready for use for 30 days. And the results are then just as good as with the  first filling.

Convincing in terms of economy and environmentally friendly regarding disposal of used material

In contrast to silicone, WiroGel M can be disposed of with household waste without any problem since natural raw materials are used. WiroGel M is thus environmentally safe.

Furthermore, it also offers a very favourable price in comparison to all silicone duplicating materials. A model duplicated with WiroGel M is five times less expensive, which means dental technicians can carry out five WiroGel M duplications at the same price as for one silicone duplication. The costs for the duplicating unit are also taken into account here.


WiroGel M is convincing by virtue of a recipe on a natural base with ingredients that are matched precisely to each other. BEGO’s quality assurance enables a very high degree of batch constancy, which was previously very difficult to achieve with this precision through the use of natural raw materials.

Accessories: Combi duplicating flask

The low thermal conductivity of the plastic guarantees stress-free cooling of the duplicating material. Two wedges integrated in the  ask cover prevent rotation and ensure proper placement of the form back in the  ask.

Availability Contents Presentation Qty REF
WiroGel® M 10 kg tub 1 54354
Combi duplicating ask 1 piece 52090

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