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Universal investment material for all indications in the partial denture and combination technique, for gel or silicone duplication

  • Can be heated rapidly or conventionally to 1050 °C with ideal expansion values, offers the level of flexibility essential for the modern dental laboratory
  • Rapid preheating up to 1000 °C: Insertion temperature = final temperature – means a time saving of 20%–30% in comparison to investment materials which have to be heated from 600 °C
  • Ideal flow properties make for reliable, fatigue-free working, since even the finest areas are precisely reproduced
  • The precision of the duplicate models, along with high edge strength, makes for an optimal accuracy of fit without timeconsuming finishing – ideal for combination work
  • Can be used for all shapes of mould and wax-up geometries: Systemindependent whilst ensuring reliable, efficient processing
  • Excellent deflasking properties thanks to the minimal reaction between the investment material and the alloy. The advantage for you: Time saving and economical use of blasting materials
  • Free selection of duplicating method
  • Duplication with gel results in good model surfaces and cost effectiveness
  • Combination with silicone duplication (e.g., Wirosil®) facilitates maximum precision and time savings (no hardening necessary)
  • Reliable expansion control for excellent fit results thanks to the special liquid BegoSol® K*
Physical data  
Mixing liquid BegoSol® K / optional BegoSol® **
Processing time at 20 °C approx. 3:30 min.
Shelf life in unopened bag 24 months
Characteristic values of the material according to DIN EN ISO 15912
Beginning of solidification (Vicat time) 6 min.
Compressive strength 11 MPa
Linear thermal expansion 0.8 %
Flowability approx. 140 mm

DIN EN ISO 15912

Availability Contents REF
WiroFine, 45 × 400 g bag 18 kg carton 54345
WiroFine, 15 × 400 g bag 6 kg carton 54344
WiroFine, 30 × 200 g bag 6 kg carton 54348

DIN EN ISO 15912

Accessories Contents REF
BegoSol® K mixing liquid 1 l bottle 51120
BegoSol® K mixing liquid 5 l canister 51121
BegoSol® mixing liquid 1 l bottle 51090
BegoSol® mixing liquid 5 l canister 51091

DIN EN ISO 15912

Contact / Service

24 Albion Road
Suite 103
Lincoln, RI 02865

Phone: 774-571-0395
E-Mail: begoinfo@begousa.com

* Is sensitive to freezing.
** BegoSol® (with freeze protectionz,Anti-freeze optimization up to –10 °C) only suitable for conventional preheating

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