Bellavest® T

The precision casting investment material for the crown and bridge technique

  • For precious-metal and non-precious metal alloys
  • Standard investment material with a proven track record worldwide and high reliability in accuracy of fit and processing
  • Bellavest® T is preheated using conventional methods only
  • Creamy consistency for smooth castings with accuracy in every detail
  • Working time of 5 minutes for reliable, fatigue-free investing
  • BegoSol® ensures reliable expansion control; BegoSol® HE* – as an alternative – enables higher expansion values
  • Bellavest® T has, for many years, been synonymous with clear and simple handling and confidence in optimal results with great economy
Physical data  
Mixing liquid BegoSol® or BegoSol® HE
Processing time at 20 °C approx. 5 min.
Shelf life in unopened bag 24 months
Characteristic values of the material according to DIN EN ISO 15912
Beginning of solidification (Vicat time) 9:30 min.
Compressive strength 10 MPa
Linear thermal expansion 1.2 %
Flowability approx. 125 mm
The packs do not contain any mixing liquid.

DIN EN ISO 15912

Availability Contents REF
Bellavest® T, 80 × 160 g bag 12.8 kg carton 54202
Bellavest® T, 30 × 160 g bag 4.8 kg carton 54201
Bellavest® T, 144 × 90 g bag 12.96 kg carton 54213

DIN EN ISO 15912

Accessories Contents REF
BegoSol® mixing liquid 1 l bottle 51090
BegoSol® mixing liquid 5 l canister 51091
BegoSol® HE mixing liquid 1 l bottle 51095
BegoSol® HE mixing liquid 5 l canister 51096

DIN EN ISO 15912

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* Alternatively, for greater expansions: BegoSol® HE mixing liquid. BegoSol® HE is sensitive to freezing·

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