Protempomatic plus

Fully automatic sandblaster for up to 6 cast partial denture frameworks simultaneously

Efficient, quick, cost-effective

  • The integrated aim point in the nozzle enables exact positioning of the workpiece in the abrasive flow for quick, effective sandblasting
  • Efficient use of blasting material emphasises the cost-effective sand- blasting
  • LED lighting in the blasting chamber has a service life of up to ten times longer than conventional lamps
  • The swivel nozzle enables the unit to be used as an automatic or manual sandblaster for maximum application options in the laboratory
  • The initial position of the nozzle can be magnetically locked for ac- curately setting the optimal nozzle angle during automatic and manual sandblasting to ensure the best possible sandblasting performance
  • The viewing glass is locked in position by a magnetic switch: When it is opened, sandblasting is discontinued: for maximum operational safety
  • The basket is easily removed - for increased comfort during manual sandblasting
  • Protempomatic can also be supplied without the filter module for con- necting to a central extraction
Technical data  
Height 21.25 inches
Width 15.75 inches
Depth 16.14 inches
Rated voltage 230 VAC (plus), 50/60 Hz, 100–240 VAC (Z), 50/60 Hz
Power at rated voltage of 230 VAC 1,225 W (plus), 25 W (Z)
Compressed air connection 4–6 bar (0.4–0.6 [MPa]), 1/4‘‘
Air consumption approx. 120 l/min
Capacity 8 kg
Weight excl. blasting material 32 kg (plus), 20 kg (Z)
Availability Presentation Qty REF
Protempomatic Z for connection to the central extraction system piece 1 26360
Accessories Contents Presentation Qty REF
Class H Filter   piece 1 18346
Filter bag 5 pieces pack 1 18347
Hansa nozzle   piece 1 12136
Turntable, compl.   piece 1 12276
Replacement panel   piece 1 18354
Korox® 250 special corundum blasting material 8 kg canister 1 46014
Korox® 110 special corundum blasting material 8 kg canister 1 46044
Protective curtain   piece 1 18284
Rubber sleeves 4 pieces pack 1 18358

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