Nautilus® CC plus

Intelligent casting with data interface

  • Automatic casting for consistent, reproducible results every single time
  • Casting point recognition ensures that the cast objects are filled at the temperature recommended by the alloy manufacturer
  • High-performance induction heating guarantees short melting cycles, minimises oxidation and thus facilitates subsequent finishing
  • Proven quality assurance: Nautilus® CC plus saves up to 1,000 casting logs
  • Large colour touch display with intuitive menu navigation for convenient and easy operation
  • Integrated power cooling provides for over 50 casts in a row, even with high ambient temperatures with moulds made of phosphate-bonded investment materials
  • Integrated cooling saves water and helps to protect the environ- ment
  • Suitable for all commercially available precious-metal and non- precious alloys (excluding titanium)
  • Compact dimensions and design give the Nautilus® CC plus a very small footprint
  • Eco mode switches off all unnecessary components in idle mode and reduces operating costs

The Nautilus® casting crucible principle enables the liquidus temperature to be exceeded by less than with other casting systems because the melt  ows from the hot region of the crucible directly into the casting mould below.

Combination of high-frequency melting and vacuum pressure casting

Nautilus® CC plus combines the advantages of high-frequency melting with those of vacuum pressure casting: the alloy is melted in the area around the crucible opening. Using a highly efficient vacuum pump, the oxygen level in the entire casting chamber is greatly reduced within a very short space of time and the alloy is melted by means of a high-frequency magnetic field. The melt then flows directly under vacuum from the hot area into the mould without temperature loss. Within fractions of a second, the still molten alloy is then pressed into the finest crevices of the object.

User-friendly operation via the 5.7 inch colour touch display

The Nautilus® CC plus is operated and controlled via a 5.7 inch colour touch display which offers quick response times and simple menu navigation accompanied by recommendations on what to do. The large active area of the touch display and the simple menu navigation present a real improvement in terms of operation compared to more conventional concepts. Acoustic signals are an additional aid to ensure safe processing. It couldn't be simpler: All of the casting programs for BEGO alloys are already stored in the Nautilus® CC plus. “Non-BEGO alloys” and their parameters can be simply and easily saved with alloy names. 

The advantages for you:

  • Efficient use of the alloy as, generally, a casting cone does not have to be used
  • Short melting cycles in the vacuum minimise oxidation of the objects and facilitate subsequent finishing 
  • For the casting of precious-metal alloys, a graphite or glass carbon ingot is additionally used which binds the remaining oxygen during melting and thus actively further reduces oxide formation

The advantages for you:

  • Convenient, intuitive operation; direct and quick access to all necessary parameters
  • Orientation and control at all times!
Technical data  
Height 16.53 inches
Height with optical waveguide 25.59 inches
Width 23.62 inches
Depth 23.37 inches
Rated voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power at rated voltage of 230 V 16 A
Compressed air connection (Connection thread 1/4“) at least 5 bar (0.5 [MPa])
Air consumtion approx. 100 l/min
Weight approx. 64 kg
Scope of delivery Contents Presentation Qty REF  
Nautilus® CC plus, 230 V, 50/60 Hz   piece 1 26415  
Ceramic crucibles (each made of 2 halves) 4 pieces pack 1 52488  
Plastic handles for ceramic crucibles 2 pieces pack 1 52436  
Ceramic handles for ceramic crucibles 2 pieces pack 1 52467  
Graphite ingots 2 pieces pack 1    
Glass carbon cylinder   pack 1    
Forceps   piece 1 30002  
Mould holder plate, ceramic   piece 1 30259  
Mould holder (ceramic) for sizes 1 and 9   piece 1 12257  
Mould holder (ceramic) for sizes 3 and 6   piece 1 13362  
Mould holder plate (metal grid) for partial denture (25 mm high)   piece 1 37618  
Mould holder plate (metal grid) for partial denture (15 mm high)   piece 1 10073  
Base socket mould formers, sizes 3, 6 and 9 1 piece each pack 1    
Partial denture funnel former     piece 1  

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