Fornax® T

The compact casting machine with induction melting device and integrated power cooling

  • Compact benchtop casting machine with very high-performance induction heating guarantees short melting cycles, minimises oxidation and thus facilitates subse- quent finishing
  • Compact dimensions and design give the new Fornax® T a very small footprint
  • Integrated power cooling provides for over 50 casts in a row, even with high ambient temperatures with moulds made of phosphate-bonded investment materials
  • High output reserves with low power consumption of just 16 amps
  • Casting temperature of up to 1550 °C: ideal for all commercially available dental alloys (except titanium)
  • The user-friendly operating panel provides information on all parameters and gives quick and easy access to all major functions
  • Very quick adjustment to different casting mould sizes by means of a simple mechanism ensures fast working
Fornax® T – From dental technicians for dental technicians

In consultation with our customers it was our main aim to further optimise our compact centrifugal casting machine Fornax® T systematically while maintaining the Fornax® T concept that has been used successfully worldwide.

The design – ergonomic and compact

The Fornax® T functions have been valued by users for many years: an ergonomic, compact centrifugal casting machine with all the technical and economic advantages. 

The advantages for you:

  • The low overall height means that a lower workbench is no longer required
  • There is sufficient space on any laboratory bench for the unit
  • A standard, fused Schuko socket is all that is req
The technology in detail

Fornax® T has a very powerful induction heating of 3,600 VA.

The advantages for you:

  • Rapid heating and melting of all commercially available precious and non-precious alloys (except titanium)
  • Sufficient power reserves even with critical alloys
  • Oxidation is minimised to the absolute necessary due to rapid melting to the casting temperature and facilitates trimming at a later stag

BEGO has developed a special crucible safety base for optimal protection of your machine during the casting procedure. 

The advantages for you:

  • If the crucible fails, the molten metal will be safely collected in the ceramic safety base
  • This effectively prevents any serious damage to the machine


In addition to timing the casting point, the multi-functional display also shows the service notification and enables help to be obtained quickly when servicing is required.

Technical data  
Height 18.11 inches
Height with cover open 38.97 inches
Width 25.59 inches
Depth 24.80 inches
Depth with cover open 27.16 inches
Rated voltage 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Special voltage 200–240 VAC, 50/60 HZ
Current consumption approx. 16 A
Induction melting power 3.6 kVA, 65 kHz
Weight 80 kg
Scope of delivery Contents Presentation Qty REF
Fornax® T 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz   piece 1 26425
Ceramic melting crucible 6 pieces pack 1 52483
Graphite inserts 6 pieces pack 1 52454
Ceramic inserts for ceramic melting crucible 6 pieces pack 1 52455
Base socket mould former size 3, 6 and 9 1 piece each pack 1  

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