Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy

  • Top-rate alloy, tried and tested worldwide since 1972, with superior mechanical properties
  • Universal alloy for clasp dentures
  • Very high elongation after fracture means easy activation of the clasps
  • Ideal for laser welding with Wiroweld due to reduced carbon content
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant due to the firmly passive layer
  • All aspects of the ISO 22674 requirements were been greatly exceeded

This alloy is basically processed using the proven BEGO system. The system with WiroFine or Wiroplus® S investment and the Wirosil® duplicating flasks is advantageous.

A reliable universal alloy

WIRONIUM® plus cobalt-chrome alloy demonstrates that something which is “good” can still be improved upon. WIRONIUM® plus is the result of our research and development activities. This universal alloy was systematically further developed from proven WIRONIUM® and is equally suitable for fixed/removable restorations and clasp dentures.

Enhanced properties

We achieved the outstanding properties by using a special alloy technique in the continuous casting process and the addition of tantalum. The proof stress and ultimate strength were increased without significantly altering the superior elongation at rupture. A denture fabricated using WIRONIUM® plus has a high resistance to deformation, whereby clasps can be easily activated.

All aspects of the ISO 22674 requirements have been greatly exceeded.

WIRONIUM® plus is biocompatible and has no cytotoxic potential. The biocompatibility is certified by a neutral institute.

WIRONIUM® plus is ideal for laser-welding with Wiroweld due to its reduced carbon content.

Easy processing

This alloy is also basically processed using the proven BEGO system in exactly the same way as the other WIRONIUM® alloys. The system with WiroFine or Wiroplus® S investment and the Wirosil® duplicating flasks is advantageous. There is only a slight difference in the melting process and recognition of the casting point.

Flame melting:
When the molten metal is uniformly light and moves slightly due to the pressure of the flame.

Fornax® or other high-frequency casting machines:
2 seconds after dissipation of the dull film.

When the oxide film has completely dissipated, heat the alloy for a further 7 seconds and then cast.

Alternatively use the alloy programme. If alloy programme 154 is used, “Ready to cast” appears on the display.

Alloy characteristics Standard values
Alloy type (ISO 22674) 5
Density [g/cm3] 8.2
Preheat temperature [°C] 950 –1050
Solidus, liquidus temperature [°C] 1360 –1405
Casting temperature [°C] ca. 1440
Elongation at rupture (A5) [%] 15
Proof stress (Rp0,2) [MPa] 680
Ultimate strength (Rm)[ MPa] 855
Young’s modulus [GPa] approx. 230
Vickers hardness (HV10) 345
ISO 22674  
Composition by weight:
Co 63.0 · Cr 29.5 · Mo 5.0 · Si 1.0 · Mn, N, C each < 1.0
Product Presentation Contents REF
WIRONIUM® (is only supplied to I.W.C. labs) 1 pack 1000 g 50065
Accessories Presentation Contents REF
Wiroweld (CoCr laser wire,
free of carbon)
Ø 0.5 mm
Ø 0.35 mm

1 pack
1 pack

1.5 m

Cobalt-chrome solder 1 pack   52520

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