The classic partial denture alloy for clasp partial dentures

  • Successful worldwide since 1953 – ideally suited for conventional clasp partial dentures
  • The high elongation after fracture allows problem-free activation of the clasps
  • The reduced Vickers hardness of 360 (HV10) enables easier finishing and polishing
  • Clear casting point recognition for reliable casting
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant due to the firmly passive layer
Wironit® – the proven solution for clasp partial dentures

The high mechanical properties of Wironit® are far beyond those specified in national and international standards. They ensure the high strength of the clasp partial dentures produced from them. The controlled addition of carbon also increases the young’s modulus and the proof strength

The advantages for you:

  • Thanks to the high resistance, the dentures remain dimensionally stable during chewing, and guarantee reliable functioning
  • The high elongation after fracture allows reliable and frequent activation of the clasps
Reduced Vickers hardness

Wironit® is easy to process and can be polished simply and quickly.

The advantages for you:

  • Excellent aesthetics
  • The dense, smooth surface minimises plaque build-up and thus protects the restoration from deposits
Clear casting point recognition

Wironit® can be cast simply and reliably in all induction-heated casting units like the Fornax® T or Nautilus® CC plus, as well as using the  flame casting method.

The advantages for you:

  • Reliable recognition of the casting point in all standard casting procedures
  • Smooth surfaces without overheating of the molten metal
Systematic processing

Wironit® is a material which has been tried and tested since 1953 and is part of the BEGO system. The BEGO system stands for consistent, reproducible results at a high productivity level and offers everything that laboratories require for modern partial denture techniques.

The advantages for you:

  • Everything from a single source
  • Coordinated process steps
  • Product portfolio which complements itself perfectly
  • Optimum casting results
Biocompatibility and corrosion-resistant

Wironit® boasts high corrosion resistance. Thanks to the use of high-purity raw materials, the alloy is free from nickel, cadmium, beryllium and lead (in accordance with ISO 22674).

Alloy characteristics Guide values
Alloy type (ISO 22674) 5
Density [g/cm3] 8.3
Preheating temperature [°C] 950–1,050
Casting temperature [°C] approx. 1,460
Solidus, liquidus temperature [°C] 1265–1395
Young’s modulus [GPa] 185
Proof strength (Rp0.2) [MPa] 615
Ultimate strength (Rm)[ MPa] 895
Elongation after fracture (A5) [%] 10
Vickers hardness (HV10) 360
ISO 22674  
Composition by weight
Co 64.0 · Cr 28.5 · Mo 5.0 · Si 1 · Mn 1.0 · C < 1.0
Availability REF
Wironit®, 1 pack = 1000 g 50030
Accessories REF
Wiroweld, Co-Cr laser wire, carbon-free
dia. 0.35 mm, 1 pack = 2 m
dia. 0.5 mm, 1 pack = 1.5 m 50005
Cobalt-chrome solder, 1 pack = 5 pieces 52520
Duplicating material REF
Castogel®, 6 kg tub 52052
Castogel® mint, 10 kg tub 52049
WiroGel® M, 6 kg tub 54351
WiroGel® M, 10 kg tub 54354
Wirosil®, duplicating silicone basic set 52000
Investment materials REF
Wirovest®, 45 x 400 g bag, 18 kg box 51046
Wirovest®, 15 x 400 g bag, 6 kg 51047
Wirovest®, 4 x 4.5 kg bag, 18 kg box 51048
WiroFine®, shock-heat compatible directly at
45 x 400 g bag, 18 kg box
15 x 400 g bag, 6 kg box
30 x 200 g bag, 6 kg box


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