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VarseoWax Surgical Guide

The resin for 3D printing of surgical guides and placement aids for implant prosthetics

  • Highly resistant to chemicals – the printed objects can be cleaned and disinfected both conveniently and easily
  • Specially developed printing and processing parameters tailored for surgical guides ensure exact shaping in the area around the drill sleeves and, consequently, precise drill holes as well as optimal accuracy of fit during subsequent insertion in the patient’s mouth
  • Extremely short fabrication times and low material consumption equate to cost-efficient production in the laboratory
  • CE mark certifies security, efficiency and permanent monitoring of the resin and stands for excellent cross-batch quality standards of the product
  • Biocompatibility confirmed by an independent institute means safety for patients
  • FDA 510(k) exempt and fulfills all the requirements for a Class I medical device*
Product details
Color blue – transparent
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 1,500 MPa
Density approx. 1.12 g/cm³
Viscosity 1,100 mPa∙s
Flexural strength ≥ 50 MPa
Layer thickness 100 μm
Wavelength 405 nm
Availability Content REF
VarseoWax Surgical Guide 1.0 kg bottle 41012

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* Medical device as defined by section 201(h) of the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act

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